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Shrēṣṭha (Nepali: श्रेष्ठ) is a Newar (Nepal Bhasa: नेवा) surname meaning "most excellent" or "Noble" in Sanskrit.[1] Prior to the unification of modern Nepal they served as administrators and courtiers in the court of the Malla Kings of Nepal.[2] After the unification of Nepal, Shresthas took up business and trading since the former position as administrators and courtiers were supplanted by the invading Gorkha forces.[3] Shresthas are now one of the most dynamic communities of Nepal and have excelled in professional careers such as medicine, civil aviation, science and technology, government service as well as finance and banking.

Language, culture and religion[edit]

'Malakha (Dragon) a collection of poems by RRN 'Syasya' published in 1955.

Shrestha is one of the oldest community groups in Nepal.Shrestha is an upper newar caste and descended from old royal families in Nepal. They are a part of the Newar community of Kathmandu valley. As with all Newars, their mother tongue is Nepal Bhasa one of the Tibeto-Burman languages. Shresthas are mostly Hindu (shiva margi) or Buddhist (buddha margi).

The word "Shrestha" was derived from Newa Vaya word Syasya which itself is believed to be derived from Sanskrit.Shasya means warrior in Nepal Bhasa(Newa Bhaya). Shresthas(or,Syasya) served as administrators and courtiers during the rule of the Malla Newar kings that ruled Nepal for six hundred years – known as the "Golden Era" of Nepal – when much of the cultural and architectural development of Nepal took place. They took a prominent role in the governance and administration of the nation and fought against the Gorkha invasion. They also bravely contributed to protect their country Nepal from external powers like the Mughal and British empire since lichivi era to saha era .Shresthas used to be excellent] in pre and mid historic period.

Notable people[edit]

Politics and civil administration[edit]

Arts, literature and culture[edit]

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