Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Chicago (Wheeling)

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Shri Swaminarayan Temple
Shri Swaminarayan Temple
Shri Swaminarayan Temple
Country United States
State Illinois
Location Wheeling
Primary deity Swaminarayan in pictorial form
Important festivals Swaminarayan Jayanti, Diwali
History and governance
Date built May 26, 1991

Shri Swaminarayan Temple, Wheeling is a Swaminarayan Hindu temple located in the Chicago suburb of Wheeling. It comes under the International Swaminarayan Satsang Mandal (Laxmi Narayan Dev Gadi) of the Swaminarayan Sampraday. [1] The temple is also a member of the International Swaminarayan Satsang Organisation. [2]

Opened on 26 May 1991 by Acharya Shree Ajendraprasadji Maharaj, it is built on two acres of land. [3]

Built at a cost of $ 1.7 million, it is a tri-spire temple with the spires adorning the front edge of the flat topped building. Surrounded by industrial structures, it is a square shaped, cream coloured structure with a big prayer hall that caters to a 40,000 strong community and is run entirely by volunteers. The image of Swaminarayan is worshipped in pictorial form along with other avatars of Narayana. [4]

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