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Shufersal Ltd.
Type Public company
Traded as TASESAE
Industry Retailing
Founded 1958
Headquarters Rishon LeZion, Israel
Number of locations 248
Revenue Increase  11.13 billion (2011)[1]
Operating income Increase  415 million (2011)[1]
Net income Increase  276 million (2011)[1]
Owners Discount Investment Corporation
Employees 12,400
Website (English website)
Shufersal in Kiryat HaYovel, Jerusalem

Shufersal (Hebrew: שופרסל‎), commonly known as Super-Sal, is the largest supermarket chain in Israel. As of 2012, Shufersal has 248 stores and 12,400 employees. [2] [3]Shufersal shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and is a constitute of the TA-100 Index.


Shufersal Deal store

Shufersal was founded in 1958. In 2005, the company implemented a strategic growth plan, creating three supermarket categories: "Shufersal Deal", "Shufersal Big", and "Shufersal Sheli". In early 2006, Shufersal purchased the third largest retail chain in Israel, Clubmarket. In October 2006, the chain launched the Shufersal Credit Card. Sales turnover for the chain in 2007 totaled NIS 9,935 million. [4]In 2009 it launched a subsidiary, Yesh, targeting the Haredi market.[5] Features of Yesh stores include products marketed to larger families, lower prices, stricter kashrut standards, and in some stores, separate hours for men and women[6][7]In 2009, Shufersal was threatened with an antitrust suit for the purchase of Clubmarket.[2]

Shufersal label[edit]

Shufersals sells more than 1300 store brand products in its stores.[8]In 2011, the company had 59 supermarket branches in Jerusalem alone. [9]


Shufersal also markets its products through a computerized telephone marketing center for shopping by phone, fax or the Internet. [10]

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