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Coordinates: 24°59′N 121°25′E / 24.99°N 121.41°E / 24.99; 121.41

Shulin District in New Taipei City
Shulin District
Shulin District office

Shulin District (Chinese: vu新莊區; pinyin: Shùlín Qū; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Chhiū-nâ-chhī) is an inner city district in southwestern New Taipei City, Taiwan.[1]


Shulin was upgraded to a county-controlled city of Taipei County on 4 October 1999 from a township, and to a district of New Taipei City on 25 December 2010.


  • Area: 33.1288 km²
  • Population: 183,553 people (2014)


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