Shulin District

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For the village in Albania, see Shulin, Albania.

Coordinates: 24°59′N 121°25′E / 24.99°N 121.41°E / 24.99; 121.41

Shulin District
Location of  in New Taipei
Location of in New Taipei
Country Republic of China (Taiwan)
Special municipality New Taipei City
Time zone +8
Shulin District
Shulin District office

Shulin District (Chinese: 樹林區; pinyin: Shùlín Qū; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Chhiū-nâ-chhī) is an inner city district in southwestern New Taipei City, Taiwan.[1]


Shulin was upgraded to a county-controlled city of Taipei County on 4 October 1999 from a township, and to a district of New Taipei City on 25 December 2010.


  • Area: 33.1288 km²
  • Population: 184,167 people (2014)

Administrative divisions[edit]

Sanxing Village, Sanfu Village, Sanduo Village, Sanlong Village, Qiangliao Village, Guangxing Village, Jinliao Village, Tande Village, Wenlin Village, Baoan Village, Zunan Village, Zunfu Village, Zunmin Village, Zunsheng Village, Shude Village, Shufu Village, Shuxi Village, Shuxing Village, Shuren Village, Yuying Village, Shunan Village, Ponei Village, Shutung Village, Shubei Village, Pengfu Village, Heping Village, Pengxing Village, Pengcuo Village, Datong Village, Zhonghua Village, Taishun Village, Tungsheng Village, Tungyang Village, Tungshan Village, Shanjia Village, Zhongshan Village, Leshan Village, Ganyuan Village, Xiyuan Village, Nanyuan Village, Tungyuan Village, Beiyuan Village.[2]


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