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Shun may refer to one of the following:

Fictional characters
  • Shun, a support character in the Japanese RPG Ar Tonelico II
  • Shun Di fictional Drunken Kung Fu Master in Virtua Fighter Series
  • Andromeda Shun, a main character in the anime Saint Seiya
  • Shun Kazami; a main character in the Bakugan anime.
Emperor Shun
  • Shun Dynasty, dynasty established by Li Zicheng in 1644
  • SHUN, an Internet Relay Chat command, used to prevent a user sending messages to a server's channels
  • Shun knives, a high-quality kitchen knife line owned by KAI, the Japanese group that also owns Kershaw Knives
  • Shun, a music unit led by Susumu Hirasawa
    • SYUN, a label created by Hirasawa under DIW Records named after the group