Shut Up, Make Love

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"Shut Up, Make Love"
Single by Poison
from the album Crack a Smile...and More!
B-side Be the One
Released January 2000
Recorded Late 1994 or Early 1995
Genre Glam metal, Hard rock
Label Capitol
Producer(s) John Purdell & Bret Michaels
Poison singles chronology
"Body Talk"
"Shut Up, Make Love"
"Be the One"

"Shut Up, Make Love" is a song by American rock band Poison; released in 2000, it was the first single presented to radio stations from their 2000 Crack a Smile...and More! album.[1] The song also appears on the second promo single "Be the One" as a B-side. Crack a Smile is Poison's fifth studio album, released on March 14, 2000, and charted at #131 on The Billboard 200.[2] The song was the first Poison single with lead guitarist Blues Saraceno. The intro starts with Bret rapping for a few seconds witch was reveled by Bret in a later interview as a mockery of Rap


  1. Shut Up, Make Love - Rock Radio Edit 3:17
  2. Shut Up, Make Love - Lip Smackin' Rap-A-Tappin' 3:53
  3. Shut Up, Make Love - Call Out Edit 0:11


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