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Type Private
Industry Wireless Services; Telecommunication
Founded 1997
Headquarters Ljubljana, Slovenia
Key people Dejan Turk, Milan Zaletel, Ulrich Rokita
Revenue Increase 188,3 million euros (2011)
Employees 369 (end of 2011)
Parent A1 Telekom Austria

Si.mobil [ˈsiːmɔbil] is the second largest mobile operator in Slovenia.[1]


The company was established in December 1997[2] and began operating in March 1999[3] as the Slovenian first private mobile operator.[4] In 2000, the company was the second to market WAP, preceded by Mobitel.[5]

After initial losses, the company's shares were in February 2001 purchased by Telekom Austria Group, making Si.mobil a part of a leading group of mobile service operators in Central and Eastern Europe.[6] In June of that year, Si.mobil was the first in Slovenia and among the first in Europe to introduce GPRS to its customers.[7] In 2002, it was the first company to market MMS.[8]

An important step forward was signing a partnership agreement with Vodafone in January 2002, which enabled Si.mobil to establish itself as the price leader that offers global products and services.[9] From September 2003, the company is presented under the dual brand Si.mobil - Vodafone[4] [ˈsiːmɔbil ˈʋoːdafɔn].

In 2004, the company was one of the first operators worldwide to offer EDGE,[4][10] and in 2006, they introduced its own UMTS/HSDPA network.[11] In addition, Si.mobil offers other services like GPS on mobile phones, mobile office and mobile internet.[12] In 2007, Si.mobil was the first Slovenian company to open its office in Second Life where they have built an island.[13][14] In January 2008, it passed the milestone of 500,000 customers.[15]


Si.mobil has been bestowed with many prizes. At the 15th Slovenian Advertising Festival the company won the Advertiser of the Year award for the year 2005.[16] In 2007 they were among the first companies in Slovenia to receive the Family Friendly Enterprise Certificate for their successful balancing of work and family life.[17] As one of the most reputable employers in Slovenia they also received the Reputable Employer certificate.[18] In November 2007 they were granted Superbrands status.[19]


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