2008 SiPort murders

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2008 SiPort murders
Location Santa Clara, California, United States
Date November 14, 2008
Attack type
Deaths 3
Perpetrator Jing Hua Wu

On November 14, 2008, three people were fatally shot at the office of SiPort, a start-up company in Santa Clara, California in Silicon Valley.[1] Jing Hua Wu was arrested and convicted.


In November 2008, SiPort CEO Sid Agrawal, human resources manager Marilyn Lewis, and vice president of operations Brian Pugh were killed by a previously fired employee. Jing Hua Wu was found guilty of the murders March 8 2013. He was represented by high profile defense attorney Tony Serra. It was one of the deadliest workplace killings in Silicon Valley history.[2][3][4]