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Sidaction is a major French public event that started in 1994 in France for raising awareness and collecting charitable funds for AIDS. It donates important sums to various AIDS charities, HIV/AIDS research, institutions specializing in medical care and social aid for those suffering of HIV/AIDS in France and internationally. in 2007, for example, Sidaction allocated donations to 111 programs in 29 countries. Sidaction is presided by Pierre Bergé and its vice-president is Line Renaud.

Sidaction in popular media[edit]

In the winter of 1998, a charity album entitled Sidaction by "Ensemble 98" became a top selling albums and was top of the French Album Charts for 2 weeks in the November 28 and December 5, 2010 charts.[1]

In 1999, all receipts from the controversial French hit "Je te rends ton amour" sang by Mylène Farmer were donated to Sidaction.

Fund raising[edit]

Sidaction has launched various initiatives in order to raise funds for its projects. It also has an on-line shop selling items including clothing which contains advertising, drawing attention to the charity. In 2008 the French underwear manufacturer Hom, which is part of the Triumph International brand, launched a special edition of men's maxi brief which incorporated a condom pocket, supplied complete with condom, and included a waistband with the words 'Safe love' with the red ribbon symbol on one leg. For each brief sold, the manufacturer donated €1 to the charity.


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