Siddhant Vats

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Siddhant Vats
Born Patna, India
Residence London, United Kingdom
Nationality Indian
Years active 2009 - present

Co-Founder of Androidly Systems

Co-Founder and President of The Falak Foundation

Siddhant Vats is an Indian entrepreneur.[1] He is the co-founder & chief marketing officer of Androidly Systems[2][3] which has been credited to have made the world's first Android technology watch. [4] Siddhant is also the youngest business leader at the Horasis Global Business Meet.[5] Siddhant has been invited to the white house by the U.S. President Barack Obama.[6]

Siddhant is also a speaker at the prestigious TEDx Talks.[7]

Early life[edit]

Siddhant was born in Patna, Bihar, India. His father and mother, both are Government of India officers. His father Sanjay Shreevats is the Deputy Director General at India Tourism, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. His mother, Ratna Purkayastha, is an officer with Doordarshan Kendra (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) .[8]


Siddhant is also the Co-Founder and President of his mother's voluntary organisation, Falak Foundation.[5]

Siddhant started the non-profit organisation with teaching privileged children and organising free health camps when he was still in school.[9]

Siddhant has set up an International Monastery (Wat Lao) in Bodh Gaya. He hopes that this will increase the foreign exchange in India and contribute towards the economic growth.[10]