Siddington, Gloucestershire

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Siddington is a village located one mile south of Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England.

William fitzBaderon is recorded in the Domesday Book as holding one hide in Siddington (also Sudintone, Suditone, Suintone); Aswith held it in the time of King Edward, before the Norman conquest in 1066. Roger de Lacey held six hides, which his mother held as her dower-land; Godric and Leofwine held the land as two manors. Humphrey the Chamberlain also held two hides in Siddington, which Ansketil held of him, while Alweard held the land as a manor.[1]

Siddington is the location of the parish church of Saint Peter's, which in parts dates back to Norman times, and has an associated Church of England primary school.


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Coordinates: 51°42′N 1°57′W / 51.700°N 1.950°W / 51.700; -1.950

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