Sidenreng Rappang Regency

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Sidenreng Rappang Regency
Kabupaten Sidenreng Rappang
L to R : Sidenreng Lake, Regent Office of Sidenreng Rappang, Bambu Runcing Monument Rappang, Sidrap City of Rice Statue, Sidenreng Eappang Grand Mosque, Rice field in Sidenreng Rappang.
L to R : Sidenreng Lake, Regent Office of Sidenreng Rappang, Bambu Runcing Monument Rappang, Sidrap City of Rice Statue, Sidenreng Eappang Grand Mosque, Rice field in Sidenreng Rappang.
Official seal of Sidenreng Rappang Regency

Motto: Resopa Tammangingngi Malomo Nalatei Pammase Dewata

Slogan : Sidrap Kota Beras
Country  Indonesia
Province South Sulawesi coa.pngSouth Sulawesi
Capital Pangkajene
 • Regent H. Rusdi Masse
 • Total 2,506.19 km2 (967.65 sq mi)
Population (2010 Census)
 • Total 278,004
 • Density 110/km2 (290/sq mi)
Time zone WITA (UTC+8)

Sidenreng Rappang Regency (the name is often abbreviated to "Sidrap") is a regency of South Sulawesi Province in Indonesia. It has an area of 2,506.19 km2 and a population of 278,004 at the 2010 Census. The capital of the regency is at Pangkajene. The original inhabitants of this area are Bugis, who worship, obey and uphold the tradition of mutual respect and mutual help. Everywhere can be easily found a large mosque and permanent.


Based Lontara ' At Ri Ri Timpakenna Tana'e Sidenreng 147 pages, is told about a king named Sangalla . He was a king in Tana Toraja . Having reputedly nine children, namely La Maddarammeng, La Wewanriru, La Togellipu, La Pasampoi, La Pakolongi, La Pababbari, La Panaungi, La Mampasessu, and La Mappatunru . As the eldest brother, La Maddaremmeng always suppress and intimidate the eight younger siblings, even her sisters royal provinces he seized all . Because all of his sister can not stand her sister's treatment, they agreed to leave Tana Toraja . Because tiring journey, they thirst and seek the way to the edge of a puddle of water on the edge of the lake . However, it turned out to be a lake in the dense forest, making it difficult for them to achieve it . Because it has to penetrate the dense undergrowth, they too Sirenreng - renreng ( holding hands ) . Arriving there, they drink it up and sitting down, then shower . After that, they discussed exchanging ideas about fate they see themselves living. Finally, they agreed to live in that place . There they begin a new life for farming, gardening, fishing, and farming . Increasingly, his followers even more . The place was then known as " Sidenreng " , which is derived from the word Sirenreng - renreng find your way to the edge of the lake, and the lake that is now known as Sidenreng lake . From there, formed the kingdom Sidenreng .

Historically, Sidenreng Rappang originally consisted of two kingdoms, each kingdom and empire Sidenreng Rappang . Both kingdoms are very familiar . So familiar, so it is difficult to find the dividing boundary . Even in matters of royal seat turnover, both can co-exist . Often indigenous stakeholders Sidenreng precisely fill the seat of the kingdom by selecting the Rappang community . Vice versa, when the empire Rappang empty seats, they can choose from the royal Sidenreng . That is why, it is difficult to find the dividing line of the two kingdoms . Dialects of the same language, physical form is not different, the language is also similar on a daily basis . Even if there are differences that stand out, just from its geographical position alone . Rappang region occupies the northern position, while the kingdom Sidenreng are in the South.

Both these kingdoms each have their own system of government . At the head of the royal administration degree Sidenreng Addatuang . In Addatuang government, the decision comes from three sources, namely, the king, and the people indigenous stakeholders . While the title of king in the Kingdom Rappang White Rappang pemerintahanya joints and lean on the people's aspirations . Democracy has been implemented at every policy decision . Democracy for Rappang kingdom is something very important, democracy is a form of denial of gender discrimination . The gender difference is not a problem, especially for women to pursue a career as befits men . The proof, is the emancipation of women has been shown by a woman who becomes king, a king at me, the ninth king of the famous smart, honest, and brave . The woman who became known successfully run the government in his day .

At the time of recognition of the sovereignty of the republic of Indonesia by the Netherlands on December 27, 1949, ended the dynasty of the Kingdom and the Kingdom Rappang Sidenreng . When the Earth Indonesia and then break away from the shackles of the invaders, when the cries of freedom reverberated throughout the archipelago, royal Sidenreng earlier indicate the nature of nationalism with the system is willing to let go of their kingdom . Though the system has a long, up to 21 times the turnover leaders . They chose to change and blend with the pattern of the Indonesian state administration . Kingdom eventually merged into the district Sidenreng Rappang, the first regent H. Andi Sapada Mapangile and for the first time in the history of government Sidenreng Rappang conducted elections for district heads directly on October 29, 2008.

In this area lived a figure that is well-known scholar of Bugis during Addatuang Sidenreng and Addatuang Rappang ( Addatuang is a kind of district administration in the past ) called ' Grandma Mallomo ' . He did not come from the royal family, but the versatility in our legal system and government to make his name famous enough . A legal order that is still perpetuated in Sidenreng, namely : Naiya Ade'e De'nakkeambo, de'to nakkeana, meaning truth, it does not recognize customary Father and the Son do not know . Grandma was issued wise words Mallomo ' when summoned by the King to decide the punishment for grandmother Mallomo son ' who stole a neighbor plow his field equipment . In Lontara ' La Toa, Grandma Mallomo ' akin to figures Bugis - Makassar other, like I Lagaligo, Puang Rimaggalatung, Kajao Laliddo and so on . The success of the rice harvest in Sidenreng because Grandma Mallomo firmness ' in carrying out the law, as seen in the culture of the local community in determining the planting period through consultation called Tudang Sipulung ( Tudang = Sitting, Sipulung = Gathered or can be translated as the Great Assembly ) which was attended by the Pallontara ' experts regarding Lontara book ' ) and indigenous leaders . Seeing the success Tudang Sipulung which was originally initiated by the second regent, Mr. Arifin Nu'mang Colonel before 1980, other regions had already menerapkannya.Saat this Sidrap regents led by the youngest in Indonesia H. Rusdi Masse .

Vision and Mission[edit]


Brought Sidenreng Rappang as agribusiness development center, independent, cultured, and religious.


  • Optimization of resource utilization based on the principle of democratic economic development through diversification, intensification, and rehabilitation.
  • Develop sources of agri-environmental growth.
  • Build self-reliance through institutional approach to developing a business partnership.
  • Achieve apparatus that responds to the needs of local communities in order to improve service functions and administrative management area good and clean.
  • Realizing the social and cultural life personality, creative and dynamic culture resistant to the effects of globalization.
  • Brought religious values and local culture as a source of guidance and wisdom in order to improve the quality of the life of nation and state community.


Rappang Sidenreng lies at an altitude between 10 m - 1500 m from sea level. State of the topography in this area varies a flat area covering 879.85 km ² (46.72%), hilly area of 290.17 km ² (15:43%) and mountainous area of 712.81 km2 (37.85%).


Sidenreng Rappang is a center of rice in South Sulawesi. It is mainly supported by a network of technical irrigation to irrigate rice fields throughout the year. Some of the existing irrigation network in Sidenreng Rappang include: Irrigation Fur Cenrana, irrigate 6000 hectares of paddy When the irrigation network, irrigate 5400 hectares of paddy Irrigation Fur Timoreng, irrigate 5400 hectares of paddy In addition to the major producer of rice in eastern Indonesia, the area is also a major producer of chicken eggs and duck eggs outside Java. Other agricultural commodities are cocoa, copra, cashew and kemiriserta forest products such as wood and rattan.


Development in the field of trade have an intention in an effort to increase production and quality to enhance the competitiveness of products that are circulating in the community and stabilize the prices of basic needs of society.

With the growing business opportunities led to increased trading volume, which is also caused by the increase in the construction of the infrastructure built by the Local Government Sidenreng Rappang that have come to the rural outposts, so that the flow of commodities and services from production centers to the marketing centers very smoothly. In addition, the Local Government Sidenreng Rappang creating better business climate through increased business premises and construction of facilities, including facilities and infrastructure such as the market economy and the terminal.

Services and Industry[edit]

The development of the industrial sector is directed to improving the quality and design of products aimed at enhancing competitiveness, so as to achieve a competitive market opportunities, both local, inter- regional, inter-island or export .

Type a growing industry in Sidenreng Rappang are industry : food, beverage, small industries, apparel, home furnishings industry, metal industry, and others .

Industrial development is concentrated on small-scale industries, medium and cottage industries ( home industry ), the main target is still limited to the share of inter- regional or inter pasaar island . The development of the industrial sector increased empowerment through education, workforce training, and creating a business climate conducive to stimulate investors to support the industrial sector, both in the field of marketing and capital .

Industrial sector as one of the economic sectors is still potential for development, which is impacting on the economic sector as well as to drive the development of other sectors . Industrisebagai sector development sectors absorb considerable manpower especially Small Industrial Enterprises ( SMEs ) which could have an impact on the development process of the region, where the leading industrial sector will grow faster.

Profile and Status Sub Project[edit]

In Financial Management reform agenda in outline there are eight (8) steps in implementation are:

  1. Preparation of Action Plan Formulation and Implementation in Financial Management Reform.
  2. Institutional Development and Legal Basis of Financial Management.
  3. Planning and Implementation Regional Budget.
  4. Monitoring the Implementation of the Regional Budget.
  5. Revenue Management.
  6. Regions Financial Reporting and Accountability.
  7. Financial Management Capacity.
  8. Development of Regional Financial Information System.

Social Culture[edit]


From year to year the entire community participation in education is increasing, it is due to a variety of educational programs that dicangkan government to further increase the chance people get an education bench.

Increased participation to obtain educational opportunities must be followed by a variety of education and improvement of physical facilities adequate educators. Educational facilities at sufficient Rappang Sidenreng, which means that there ranging from the level of kindergarten, elementary school, junior high, and high school.


Availability of health facilities such as hospitals, health centers, health centers (Pustu), Polyclinics and BKIA / Maternity Hospital during the year 2006 this number is relatively unchanged. In addition to the provision of health facilities to improve health services to the community, the health care supply business is also expected to be improved. Noted there are as many as two (2) pieces Hospital, 13 health centers, 37 sub health centers, two (2) Medical Center, 2 (two) BKIA / maternity hospital and 1 (one) Clinic. The medical personnel are available consisting of 18 physicians, 10 dentists, 97 nurses, 84 midwives, and 82 other health workers.

Potential Areas[edit]

Food Crops and Horticulture[edit]

Potential natural state supported by people who are mostly farmers allow various types of plants can be developed, both for small and large scale.

Development of Agriculture and horticulture crops provide an advantage for Sidenreng Rappang, whose economy is based on agriculture sector, with a wide, potential and even geography was conducive to the development of this sector. In the development of this sector fully supports the government programs intended to help farmers and improving the standard of living.

Featured commodities Sidenreng Rappang Agriculture and Horticulture Food Crops include: Rice, Corn, Cassava, Sweet Potato, Peanuts, Soybeans, Green Bean, Cucumber, Eggplant, Large Chilli, chili, tomatoes, beans length, kale, Spinach, Banana, Guava, Mango, Citrus Siam, Papaya, Salak, Jackfruit, Breadfruit.

Potential Plantation[edit]

Plantation sector development directed at increasing production and productivity, improved quality of results and the development of agribusiness plantation commodities. The development of the plantation sector provide an advantage for Sidenreng Rappang because of geography that supports fully with programs intended to help farmers and improving the standard of living.

The plantation species developed in Sidenreng Rappang include: Coconut, Cocoa, Cashew, Pepper, Coffee, Tamarind, Clove.


The forestry sector is in Sidenreng Rappang namely: Protected forest, limited production forest, forest degraded land and forest preserves. More details Sindereng district forestry Rappang picture can be seen in the following table;

  1. Limited Production Forest
  2. forest Preserve
  3. Forest Reserves.


Livestock sector is the dominant sector in Sidenreng Rappang. This can be seen by the many farms, both large and small livestock farm. The pattern is just relying on the ranch for pasture land that is in a broad Kabypaten Sidenreng Rappang with 19 154 hectares, spread over nine (9) districts.

Especially small livestock (poultry), the sector is very potential to be developed viewed from various aspects, such as land aspects, socio-economic feasibility, infrastructure, etc..

Poultry population and Not Race Race (Native) is the largest population. For this type of laying chicken, in 2005 totaled 2,360,142 head, an increase of 2,503,721 head in 2006. As for the chicken Buras, also increased the number of tails 1,661,669 in 2005, and in 2006 amounted to 1,761,401 head.


Geographically located belt Sidenreng Rappang trajectory major tourist destination areas in South Sulawesi, namely Tanah Toraja (Tator), so it is a very big district opportunities to attract foreign visitors to stop for a moment or even overnight while enjoying the typical traditions of the local community.

Thus, for the future, in addition to Sidenreng Rappang as well as tourist traffic route to the destination path tourist attractions that already exist today although its existence has not been too well known.

Tourist destination in Sidenreng Rappang that can be used as a primary goal, among others, are: DataE Travel Park, Studio Art Nene 'Mallomo, Lake Sidenreng, Thermal Baths, Nature Park, Niagara, Horse Racing, Toda Bojo Agro Tourism, etc. .


Telecommunications infrastructure development directed at increasing the flow of information on a region to another, which is expected to spur economic activity between regions .

One of telecommunications facilities in the district are Sidenreng Rappang Postal Service . The number of existing service facilities Heading 4 (four ) pieces Pangkajene the Post Office, Post Office Rappang, Amparita Post Office and Post Office Tanru Tedong .

In addition to the Post Office, that there are other means of telecommunication in Sidenreng Rappang is Phone . This communication services implemented by PT Telkom to facilitate communication between people who use cable telephone services, in addition to the user 's cell phone or mobile phone services, with the installation of antennas ( BTS ) from PT Telkomsel and PT Satelindo for certain areas such as the District and surrounding MaritangngaE, District Panca Flint, District Five Lautang, and District Two PituE, hence the need for telecommunications, particularly mobile phones can be served in Sidenreng Rappang, although for the time being is still limited existence .


Rappang Sidenreng within ± 200 km from Makassar and lies at the intersection between the lines to Palopo and Toraja. To get to this area is by bus or Toraja Palopo majors, general passenger cars (Toyota, Suzuki APV, Izusu Panther) and minibuses.


If you are in Sidenreng rappang, Tanru Tedong precisely in the area, do not forget to stop by their unique culinary dining, Cawiwi. Snacks such as fried grouse with matching distinctive sauce and lime juice. Cawiwi is somewhat unique flavor, similar to chicken liver with the soft texture of the meat. One portion is rather expensive, which is Rp.35.000,- complete with rice and gravy soup. The price is commensurate with the peculiar, because grouse are wild birds and can not be bred. And the food itself can only be found in this area. And if you happen to eat at a place we eat, point Prosperity Tuberose No. Jl. 119 Tanru Tedong (near the bridge), whose name shall also try Palekko Ducks. Palekko duck tastes like curry, and is special because it uses duck.


Sidenreng Rappang Regency in 2010 comprised eleven administrative Districts (Kecamatan), tabulated below with their 2010 Census population.[1]

Name Population
Census 2010
Panca Lautang 17,241
Tellulimpoe 22,728
Watang Pulu 30,128
Baranti 28,068
Panca Rijang 27,086
Kulo 11,345
Maritengngae 46,139
Watang Sidenreng 17,051
Pitu Riawa 24,980
Duapitue 27,272
Pitu Riase 19,873


  1. ^ Biro Pusat Statistik, Jakarta, 2011.

Coordinates: 3°55′37″S 119°47′47″E / 3.92694°S 119.79639°E / -3.92694; 119.79639