Siedlce Governorate

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Седлецкая губерния

Siedlce Governorate (Russian: Седлецкая Губерния, Polish: Gubernia siedlecka) was an administrative unit (governorate) of the Congress Poland.


It was created in 1867 from the division of the Lublin Governorate. It was in fact a recreation of the older Podlasie Governorate, but now renamed to Siedlce Governorate.


  • By the Imperial census of 1897.[1] In bold are languages spoken by more people than the state language.

References and notes[edit]

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  2. ^ Languages, number of speakers which in all gubernia were less than 1000

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Coordinates: 52°09′00″N 22°16′00″E / 52.150000°N 22.266667°E / 52.150000; 22.266667