Siege of Caesarea (260)

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Siege of Caesarea (260)
Part of the Roman-Persian wars
Date 260
Location Caesarea, Cappadocia (present day Turkey)
Result Sassanid victory
Sassanids capture Caesarea.
Sassanid Empire Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Shapur I
Hormizd I
Demosthenes (Roman General)
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown, probably low Unknown amount of soldiers killed
Deportation of 400,000 people

The Siege of Caesarea took place when the Sassanids under Shapur I besieged the Roman city of Antioch in 260 after winning over the Romans in the Battle of Edessa.


The siege took place during a Sassanid invasion of the Roman east, Caesarea during that time had a large population (about 400,000 inhabitants).

The Siege[edit]

The Sassanids were unable to take the city, and took a Roman as captive and tortured him until he revealed another route they could use. The Sassanids raided Caesarea during the night, killing every Roman soldier.


According to Percy Sykes, "He[Shapur] captured Caesarea Mazaca, the greatest city in Cappadocia; but probably from lack of a standing army, again made no attempt to organize and administer, or even to retain, his conquests. He merely killed and ravaged with barbarous severity".[1]


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