Siege of Santo Domingo (1805)

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Siege of Santo Domingo of 1805
Part of the Franco-Haitian War
Date March, 1805
Location Santo Domingo, Saint-Domingue
Result French victory
Flag of France.svg Saint-Domingue Flag of Haiti.svg Haiti
Commanders and leaders
Flag of France.svg Gen. Louis Ferrand Flag of Haiti.svg Gen. Jean Jacques Dessalines
Gen. Henri Christophe
2,000 regulars
six frigates
21,000 regulars and militia
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Siege of Santo Domingo of 1805 was a major battle of the Franco-Haitian War and was fought on March, 1805 at Santo Domingo, Saint-Domingue. A force of some 2,000 French troops led by Gen. Louis Ferrand resisted a siege of three weeks by a force of 21,000 troops of the Haitian Army led by General Jean Jacques Dessalines. The siege lasted until the city received naval support from six French frigates.