Siegfried of Luxembourg

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Siegfried of Luxembourg
Siegfried I of Luxembourg.jpg
Siegfried of Luxembourg
Spouse(s) Hedwig of Nordgau
Noble family House of Luxembourg
Father Wigeric of Lotharingia
Mother Cunigunda
Born c. 922
Died 28 October 998(998-10-28)

Siegfried (or Sigefroy) (c. 922 – 28 October 998) is considered the first count of Luxembourg. He was actually count in the Moselgau and the Ardennes. He was also the advocate of the abbeys of Saint-Maximin de Trêves and Saint-Willibrord d'Echternach. He is speculated to be the son of Count Palatine Wigeric of Lotharingia and Cunigunda. He is the founder of the House of Luxembourg, a cadet branch of the House of Ardennes.

He had possessions from his father in Upper Lorraine. At the centre of his dominions he constructed the fortress of Luxembourg in 963. A town soon grew up around the castle. Though he used the title of count, the title "count of Luxembourg" was only applied to William some 150 years later.

Around 950, he married Hedwig of Nordgau (937–992), daughter of Eberhard IV of Nordgau. They had the following issue:


Siegfried of Luxembourg
Born: c. 922 Died: 28 October 998
New title Count of Luxembourg
Succeeded by
Henry I of Luxembourg