Sierra Leone House of Parliament

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Sierra Leone House of Parliament
General information
Address Tower Hill, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Coordinates 8°29′12.21″N 13°14′2.1″W / 8.4867250°N 13.233917°W / 8.4867250; -13.233917
Owner Government of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone House of Parliament is the meeting place of member of Parliament of Sierra Leone, the legislative body of the Republic of Sierra Leone. It is located at Tower Hill in central Freetown, just outside the central business district in downtown Freetown. At the entrance of the House of Parliament, sits the historic Martello Tower[1].

Just a few distance from the house of parliament, sits the State House, the official workplace of the president of Sierra Leone; and a few distance from the House of Parliament sits the Sierra Leone Ministry of Defence and National Security building.


The House of Parliament is protected by a special unit of the Sierra Leone Police. Only permitted individuals are allowed to enter the House of Parliament.

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