Sierra San Antonio

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Sierra San Antonio
Highest point
Peak ?
Elevation 7,221 ft (2,201 m)
Country Mexico
State Sonora

The Sierra San Antonio range is a 10?-8 mile long mountain range joining the Patagonia Mountains at the U.S.-Mexico border and descending into lower elevations due south; the Sierra Madre Occidental cordillera is the continuation of this mountainous region southward.

The range is named after a 'Saint Antonio'. The highest peak of the Patagonia range is Mount Washington, two miles north of the border and the San Antonio range.

Regional sky island ecology[edit]

Various species are studied in the sky islands of southeast Arizona, southwest New Mexico, and northern Sonora-Chihuahua. One example is research on horned lizards in mountainous areas in northern Mexico in various mountain ranges, including the Sierra San Luis range to the east.[1]

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