Siersza Power Station

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Siersza Power Station
Elektrownia Siersza 20080507.jpg
Siersza Power Station is located in Poland
Siersza Power Station
Location of Siersza Power Station in Poland
Official name Elektrownia Siersza
Country Poland
Location Trzebinia
Coordinates 50°12′22″N 19°27′45″E / 50.20611°N 19.46250°E / 50.20611; 19.46250Coordinates: 50°12′22″N 19°27′45″E / 50.20611°N 19.46250°E / 50.20611; 19.46250
Status Operational
Construction began 1962
Commission date 1970
Operator(s) TAURON Wytwarzanie
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Hard coal
Cogeneration? yes
Power generation
Thermal capacity 61 MWt
Nameplate capacity 666 MWe

The Siersza Power Station (Polish: Elektrownia Siersza) is a coal-fired thermal power station in Trzebinia, Poland. It is operated by TAURON Wytwarzanie. There are 6 turbo generators and 3 chimneys. The installed capacity is 666 MWe and the thermal capacity is 61 MWt. The remaining thermal energy is used locally.

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