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Sifto Canada Corporation
Type subsidiary
Industry Salt Mining and marketing
Founded 1866
Headquarters Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Key people Fran Malecha, CEO
Products salt
Employees 800 [1]

Sifto Canada is a salt mining and marketing company based in Canada, with its primary products being table salt, fine evaporated salt, water conditioning salt, agricultural salt, and highway deicing salt.[2] Sifto Canada is wholly owned by Compass Minerals.

Sifto was founded by Sam Platt who was prospecting for oil in 1866, and instead of oil encountered rock salt in Goderich Harbour on Lake Huron. That developed into the largest salt mine in Canada and remains a key source of salt for the company.[3]


In addition to distribution facilities across the country, Sifto Canada operates the following production facilities:[4][5]

Annual production capacity of the Goderich salt mine is 9,000,000 tons per year of salt while the Evaporation plants in Goderich, Unity, and Amherst have the capacity to produce a total of more than 420,000 tons.[7]

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