Sig, Algeria

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Sig is located in Algeria
Coordinates: 35°31′N 0°11′W / 35.517°N 0.183°W / 35.517; -0.183
Country  Algeria
Provinces Oran
District Sig

Sig (also known under the Romans as Tasacora and under the French as Saint Denis de Sig[1]) is a town formerly located in Oran Province and now located in Mascara Province, northwestern Algeria. Located about 44 km east of Oran and 450 km from Algiers, Sig is located about 29 km from the sea. The temperatures there usually rise from May to the end of August. It can reach up to 44 °C (111 °F) and become very hot in a desert-like terrain. Its population is over 120,000.


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Coordinates: 35°31′N 0°11′W / 35.517°N 0.183°W / 35.517; -0.183