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Siggi Mueller, also Siegfried Müller, (born October 12, 1964) is a German film composer, photographer, keyboarder, accordion and piano player. Siggi Mueller is considered one of the most renowned German film composers. He composes music for numerous German cinema and TV productions as well as TV series. He cooperates with the most prestigious film directors, media companies and almost all large public and private TV & broadcasting corporations in Germany and Austria.

Siggi Mueller is a full member of the German Film Academy. In recent years Siggi Mueller extended his professional activities into the area of photography, especially in the field of portrait and cultural events photography. Siggi Mueller started his career as a classical piano player at the theatre of the City of Ulm, Germany. Today, the scope of his musical projects on the instruments keyboard, piano, accordion extends from classical music up to live performances in funk, soul and rock bands, e.g. he was member of a Turkish folk band for one year.

Mueller has professionally cooperated with dozens of film directors, on numerous television and cinema projects since 1993.

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