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Not to be confused with Sighthill, Glasgow.

Sighthill is a suburb in the west of Edinburgh, Scotland.

For nearly 50 years, the West Edinburgh skyline was dominated by 4 high rise residential tower blocks (Broomview House, Glenalmond Court, Hermiston Court and Weir Court) the first of which was demolished on 21 September 2008 (Broomview House) with the other three blocks following the same fate just over 3 years later. Also in the area are the towers of the Edinburgh College and Edinburgh Napier University's Sighthill Campus (formerly the Edinburgh Business College). There is also a medical centre, a library and a fire station, as well as some small shops.

Sighthill high flats.

The Calder Road, one of the city's main arteries, runs by Sighthill, and the Edinburgh-Glasgow & Stirling railway line is nearby.


All of the remaining tower blocks and low-rise council-built properties are due to be demolished within the next couple of years to make way for new social housing. The 10-story block Broomview House was demolished on Sunday 21 September 2008 by Safedem Ltd. The flats came down at 11:15am in a controlled explosion where a longstanding former resident pushed the ceremonial button to implode the building. The remaining three blocks were demolished on Sunday 25 September 2011, also at 11:15am.

Film and television location[edit]

Sighthill has been used as a location for film and television productions. The most notable production to be filmed in Sighthill was the 1998 BBC Scotland television drama Looking After Jo Jo which featured Robert Carlyle in the title role and was filmed in and around North Sighthill and Niddrie. Other notable film and television productions to be filmed in Sighthill include Quite Ugly One Morning starring James Nesbitt and an adaptation of the Christopher Brookmyre novel and Trouble Sleeping - a tale of a Palestinian refugee struggling to survive in the UK. More recently the flats in Sighthill have been used as backdrop for the film Outcast a Celtic supernatural thriller once again starring James Nesbitt and released in 2010.

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