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Sightings is a New York City-based trio of musicians, operating on the boundaries of rock, noise, and avant-garde sounds. The lineup consists of Mark Morgan on guitar, Richard Hoffman on bass and Jon Lockie on drums. The band debuted with a 7" on the Freedom From label and has since released records through Load Records, Psych-O-Path, Fusetron and Brah Records. "Through The Panama" was produced by Andrew W.K..



  • Sightings (2002)
  • Michigan Haters (2002)
  • Absolutes (2003)
  • Arrived in Gold (2004)
  • End Times (2006)
  • Through the Panama (2007)
  • City of Straw (2010)
  • Future Accidents (2011)
  • Michigan Haters (issued on LP) (2011)
  • Terribly Well (2013)

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