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Sigma Alpha Lambda
Sigma Alpha Lambda crest.jpg
Founded 2001 Arizona State University
Type Honors Society, Leadership, Service
Scope National
Headquarters Bradenton, Florida, US

Sigma Alpha Lambda (ΣΑΛ) is a national leadership and honors organization with over 90 chapters dedicated to developing the individual and serving the community. SAL promotes and rewards academic achievement and unites members in the pursuit of a common goal through service, mentoring and personal development.The mission of Sigma Alpha Lambda is to recognize members for academic achievement, to engage members in service, and to develop members for leadership.


Membership in Sigma Alpha Lambda is open to all undergraduate students who meet the national requirements of sophomore classification or higher with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Membership is also open to graduate students who meet the GPA requirement for undergraduates.

Sigma Alpha Lambda understands the importance of recognition as part of the complete member experience. As part of this recognition, membership includes a professionally designed certificate of membership and your membership pin or key. A personalized press release is provided, which you can distribute to the local media to let everyone know of your accomplishments. Personalized letters of recommendation are also available upon request. During your time as an undergraduate member, Sigma Alpha Lambda has been given the authority as a Certifying Organization to administer the President’s Volunteer Service Awards to honor our members who are committed to volunteering in their community and around the world. As your graduation draws near, graduation items including honor cords, tassels and embroidered honors stoles are available from the SAL Store.

National Center for Student Leadership[edit]

Thanks to a newly established partnership with the National Center For Student Leadership (NCSL), Sigma Alpha Lambda members receive discounts on conference registrations and training products to help them achieve their full leadership potential. NCSL has been a provider of student leadership development resources for 35 years. They offer leadership development opportunities to college student leaders and advisers from across the country and around the world.

As a SAL member, students can receive a substantial discount on NCSL’s online training product, the Certified Student Leader® (CSL) program. Additionally, SAL members also receive discounts on NCSL’s bi-annual leadership conferences, which take place every spring and fall and are attended by over 200 colleges and universities each year.

We are proud to work alongside the National Center for Student Leadership in equipping collegiate student leaders and their advisors with comprehensive tools to help them reach their leadership potential and positively impact their campuses and communities through practical, focused training and programs.

President's Volunteer Service Award[edit]

Sigma Alpha Lambda has a long proud history of service. Our members are working to meet the needs of their campus and the community participating in a variety of activities including World Aids Day, Relay for Life, Up ‘Til Dawn, Ghandi National Day of Service, Special Olympics, Toys for Tots and many others as well as working alongside organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the Ronald McDonald House and America’s Second Harvest.

In recognition of these outstanding achievements, Sigma Alpha Lambda is proud to be a Certifying Organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award, a prestigious national honor offered in recognition of volunteer commitment. This Award is given by the President of the United States and honors individuals, families and groups who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to volunteer service over the course of 12 months. As a Certifying Organization of the President’s Volunteer Service Award, we are able nominate potential recipients from among our membership and distribute the Award to those who meet or exceed the award criteria.

Sigma Alpha Lambda is extremely proud to join the President of the United States in recognizing the volunteers who consistently take the time to make a difference in the lives of others. Service hours are not limited to those performed on behalf of Sigma Alpha Lambda. Hours can also be accumulated through work on a variety of projects throughout the year. The only requirement is that the necessary hours be completed within 12 months; recipients can qualify for a new award each year.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award is issued by the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation to recognize the valuable contributions volunteers make to our nation.

National Initiatives[edit]

Each year, Sigma Alpha Lambda undertakes two national initiatives which are coordinated by the National Office in conjunction with the local chapter. Each Fall, the students work together to fight hunger with SAL's Food Fight against Hunger. In the Spring, the main focus is Relay for Life. Other events include MLK Service Day and 9/11 Memorial Flag Day.

Relay For Life[edit]

Sigma Alpha Lambda is proud to be a National Youth Affiliate of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Chapters all over the United States join together in an all night activity to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones who have lost their lives to cancer, and raise money to continue the fight against the disease.

It is the main focus of SAL’s spring semester. As a National Youth Affiliate, SAL has agreed to raise $100,000 in five years. Two years into our partnership, we are already half-way to our goal!

Food Fight Against Hunger[edit]

SAL Chapters across the nation partake in a spirited, but friendly, competition where the goal is to collect the most non-perishable food items for local food banks. Competition among our chapters challenges each chapter to do their best to win. Prizes include a celebration for the winning chapters and a donation made to their favorite non-profit charity on behalf of SAL.

MLK Service Day[edit]

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” This famous quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. is at the heart of one of the foundations of Sigma Alpha Lambda – SERVICE. The MLK Day of Service takes place in January and calls for Americans from all walks of life to work together and provide solutions to our most pressing national problems. SAL members answer that call as they participated in various MLK Day local service projects around the country. Utilizing the MLK Day of Service website and its project locator, SAL members can find meaningful ways to impact the lives of others on this milestone federal holiday.

Through their efforts, members of various chapters will earn a special Drum Major for Service Award. This award is a component of the President’s Volunteer Service Award and comes accompanied by a letter from the President of the United States.

9/11 Memorial Flag Day[edit]

In the 2013-2104 school year, Sigma Alpha Lambda introduced a new National Initiative, our 9/11 Memorial. For this event, chapters all over the country received American flags to place at a prominent spot on campus. The flags were a reminder to the members and the entire student body of the events that took place on September 11, 2001.

Scholarships and Awards[edit]

Scholarships and Awards opportunities are available for members who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, exhibited strong leadership skills, and made a substantial contribution to their local chapter and local community. These scholarships and awards range from $100 to $2500 and include the Emerging Leader Post Graduate Scholarship, the Path to Excellence Award and the National Academic Achievement Award.

Leadership Opportunities[edit]

There are a variety of opportunities available to members to serve in leadership roles at the chapter level. Chapter Officers create the leadership team at the local university campus, overseeing the development of the chapter as well as planning and coordinating various chapter activities. If you can’t make a full year commitment to serve in a core officer role, many chapters have opportunities available for members to serve as a project leader or community liaison for an initiative that requires a time commitment only for that specific project.


Sigma Alpha Lambda has many chapters at Universities around the United States. In addition to individual service opportunities and national initiatives, many of our chapters are busy with their own activities. These activities include local chapter fundraisers, projects with local community organizations, sponsoring leadership workshops and informal social events. All of these activities provide members with an opportunity to network amongst their peers as well as with community leaders. Below is the list of chapters each Sigma Alpha Lambda currently has open chapters.


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