Sihai Huayi Zongtu

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The Sihai Huayi Zongtu, dated 1532, the Harvard Library.

The Sihai Huayi Zongtu (Szu-hai Hua-i Tsung-tu; simplified Chinese: 四海华夷总图; traditional Chinese: 四海華夷總圖; pinyin: Sìhǎi Huáyí Zǒngtú; Wade–Giles: Szu4-hai3 Hua2-i2 Tsung3-t'u2; literally: "World Diagram of China and the Barbarians") is a Chinese world map, now located in the Harvard Library. It is dated to 1532, the 11th year of the Ming Dynasty's Jiajing Emperor.

The map is oriented towards north and displays various locations in China; as well as Korea (朝鮮, Chaoxian) and Japan (日本, Ribenguo) in the East; Siberia (羅荒野, Luo Huangye) in the North; Nepal (天竺, Tianzhu) and a vast India (印度, Yindu) in the South; Persia (波刺斯, Bocisi) in the West; and Rome (大秦, Daqin) beyond the Western Sea (西海, Xihai).

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