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Sik is a Buddhist honorary title and Kok Kwong is a descriptive of meritorious attributes: see dharma name.
The Most Venerable
Kok Kwong[1]
Born (1919-05-16) 16 May 1919 (age 95)
Taiwan Haicheng, Liaoning, Republic of China
Occupation Founder of Heung Hoi Ching Kok Lin Association
President of the Hong Kong Buddhist Association

Sik Kok Kwong, GBM,[2] GBS (Chinese: 釋覺光; pinyin: Shì Juéguāng; Cantonese Yale romanisation: Sīk Gók Gwōng; born May 16, 1919) is a Buddhist monk from Hong Kong and the current president of the Hong Kong Buddhist Association. He is also the Honorary Vice-President of the World Buddhist Sangha Council.

In a 2004 interview with the South China Morning Post, Kok Kwong urged Hong Kong's Buddhists to be content with the government and not to attend protests.[3]

Kok Kwong was one of eight venerables who proposed the World Buddhist Forum in China in 2004, a suggestion that won support from Buddhist circles in countries like Japan and the Republic of Korea.


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Buddhist titles
New creation President of the Hong Kong Buddhist Association
1966 – present
Order of precedence
Preceded by
Paul Kwong
Archbishop of Hong Kong
Hong Kong order of precedence
President of the Hong Kong Buddhist Association
Succeeded by
John Tong Hon
Catholic Bishop of Hong Kong