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Sikarwar (सिकरवार)

[1] Ruled in indore, Gwalior, Bhind, Morena pahadgarh fort, Narwar, Rajasthan Madhya pradesh

Princely states: Morena, Bhind, Pratapgarh, Narwar,
Surnames sikarwar (banna)

Sikarwar clan of rajputs are found around Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar in India.


Sikarwar are a clan of Rajputs found in Rajasthan (Nadoli), Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. The clan name Sikarwar is derived from Sikar District of Rajasthan. They ruled over Sikar for a number of generations. Sikarwars established Vijaipur Sikri in 823 AD, during the time of Rana Bhatribhat the Emperor of Chitor. Babur changed its name to 'Fatehpur Sikri' after the 'Battle of Kanhua' in 1527 AD. It was the Sikarwar Cavalry that had attacked Babur's ‘Advance Column’ that was moving from Sikri village towards Kanhua. (Refer to Baburnama-P 243) The attack was led by Rao Dham Dev Sikarwar surprised the Mughals. He was the ruler of Sikri and a friend of Rana Sanga. It was launched from cover offered by the Sikri Ridge. The cavalry seems to have come out of the Tehri Gate of Sikri Fort. The gate opens towards Kanhua. It demoralized the Mughals so much that they suffered a serious loss of morale for over a fortnight. (Col D. R. Singh Sikarwar - MOB 9415021582) Sikarwar Rajputs, are the co-lineage progeny of Emperor Kanak Sen of V.S 191 vintage. (For Kanak Sen kindly refer to Colonel Tod ‘Annals & the Antiquities of Rajasthan’). The Guhilots of Mewar, Bargujars, Jhalas, Vallas, Kachwahas, Lewa Patils and the Rastrakutas of Maharashtra form part of this lineage. They had ruled North Western India from their capital ‘Vallabhi and Chitor’ since 2nd century AD. They also built 'Ajargarhi' which is now called Agra Fort. The medieval town of Vijaipur Sikri, (now Fatehpur Sikri) was built by them. (Col D. R. Singh Sikarwar - MOB 9415021582) (Col D. R. Singh Sikarwar - MOB 9415021582),and also called Sakarwar in Bhojpuri. In Morena district "Sikarawri" called "karko".(Col D. R Singh-MOB 9415021582).

Kelwara (near Udaipur, Rajasthan)[edit]

Certain parts of Rajasthan especially the Pahara Region (Kelwara) in Udaipur District still have some Sikarwar population.

Azamgarh and Firozabad District[edit]

There are some villages of Sikarwar in Azamgarh (UP).

Ghazipur District, Vill- Ghamar, Karhiya, Bakiniya, Sewrai, Hatori, and Saeyr.

There are several villages of sikarwar Rajput (kshatriya) in UP. Kapoorpur (tehsil Meerganj) District Bareilly, Tehsil Aawla.

Kapoorpur was founded by Kapuri Singh Sikarwar in the 1500s.

Pratapgarh District (UP)[edit]

Village-Bandi Patti, Tehsil-Raniganj.

Bihar Sikarwar[edit]

Sikarwar also spread to Bihar especially in the districts of siwan(Village-Sawana),chhapra (Village-Bharhopur, Ekma block), Supoul (Village-Chunni, Bhagalpur, Bhojpur (Ara), Aurangabad (Village-Santhua) Munger (Village-Persanndo), Kaimur(Village- Kudra and near by villages)

Bhind (Madhya Pradesh) Sikarwar Villages[edit]

Villages in Bhind are Ajita, Khairoli, Sada, and Takpura.

Dhaulpur District (Rajasthan)[edit]

In Rajasthan (Bharatpur) still has a sizable number of Sikarwar population.

Bharatpur District (Rajasthan)[edit]

In Rajasthan (Bharatpur) still has a sizable number of Sikarwar population. Mostly Sikarwars live in Village Kawai in Nadbai (Bharatpur).

Sikarwars of Rajasthan[edit]

The Pahara region of Salumber (Kelwara) near Udaipur also has Sikarwar population.


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