Sanghyang siksakanda ng karesian

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Sanghyang siksakanda ng karesian is a didactic text, providing the reader with religious and moralistic rules, prescriptions and lessons. The title means something like “Bo ok of rules for the state of resi (wise or holy man)”. This text is preserved in the National Library in Jakarta and identified as kropak 630; it consist of 30 nipah leaves.

The manuscript is dated in a chronogram nora catur sagara wulan (0-4-4-1), that is Saka 1440 or 1518 AD. It had already been referred to in earlier publications by Holle and Noorduyn. A complete edition with translation, introduction, commentary and glossary was presented in a stenciled work by Atja and Danasasmita (1981a). It has been republished in book-form in Danasasmita et al. (1987:73-118).[1] The text is from Galuh (a capital city of the Sunda Kingdom).


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