Silat ad-Dhahr

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Silat adh Dhahr
Other transcription(s)
 • Arabic سيلة الظهر
 • Also spelled Silat adh Dhahr (official)
Silat al-Dhahr (unofficial)
Silat adh Dhahr is located in the Palestinian territories
Silat adh Dhahr
Silat adh Dhahr
Location of Silat adh Dhahr within Palestine
Coordinates: 32°19′10.17″N 35°11′04.43″E / 32.3194917°N 35.1845639°E / 32.3194917; 35.1845639Coordinates: 32°19′10.17″N 35°11′04.43″E / 32.3194917°N 35.1845639°E / 32.3194917; 35.1845639
Governorate Jenin
 • Type Municipality
 • Head of Municipality Amin Abdullah Abu Qayas
Population (2007)
 • Jurisdiction 5,794

Silat adh Dhahr (Arabic: سيلة الظهر‎) is a Palestinian town in the Jenin Governorate in the northern West Bank, located 14 kilometers southwest of Jenin. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) census, the town had a population of 5,794 in 2007.[1] The healthcare facilities for the surrounding villages are based in Silat adh Dhahr, the facilities are designated as MOH level 2.[2]

The average height of the town is 400 meters above the sea level. The population of the town in 1997 was 4439 people, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the estimated population in 2001 was approximately 6000 inhabitants and was divided into 51% males and 49% female, young people representing a very high percentage of inhabitants. 30% of inhabitants are traders and 20% rely on agriculture, producing such products as olives and almonds. The village has a high level of education, and there is a large group of university graduates. There are water and electricity networks in the town, there are also telephone and Internet lines. There is also a health clinic and sports, social and cultural centers and libraries. There are five schools in the town:

  1. Industrial School (for both sexes, 150 students)
  2. Secondary School (for boys, 450 students)
  3. Primary School (for boys, 500 students)
  4. Secondary School (for girls, 400 students)
  5. Primary School (for girls, 650 students)



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