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The Silcock Family is a family from Huntington Beach, California, USA, consisting of numerous adopted disabled boys. As of March 2008, the Silcock Family has 59 adopted sons.[1]

The family is best known for being featured in an episode of the former Fox reality television series Nanny 911. Because the family was so big, all three nannies were summoned to visit the family.

California-based singer-songwriter Dave Nachmanoff, who is also the sideman to Al Stewart ("Year of the Cat", "Time Passages"), has recorded three CDs with the family, with the boys writing each song with him.


A diving accident in 1987 resulted in the father, Jim Silcock, becoming a quadriplegic with little mobility. His wife, Ann Belles, had been involved in foster parenting since she was 19 years old. The couple first encountered each other over the Internet. They met for the first time in January 1998 and then married four months later.[2]

The parents own a small business called "First Step Supported Living" which assists disabled persons to live in home more dependently. Along with financial aid given to some of their boys and donations from the community. This is how the family is able to financially support itself.[2]

The Silcocks work to adopt disabled boys who are of different ethnicities from them. They feel that these types of children are the most overlooked amongst adoption agencies and as such have the most trouble getting adopted elsewhere.[2]

Ann Belles and Jim Silcock divorced in 2011.[3]

The boys[edit]

Name Of Boy Birthday Place of Origin
Alex Daniel August 2, 1991 Russia
Alexander Quinn March 1, 2004 Russia
Alin (Middle Name Unknown) July 16, 1993 Romania
Andre (Middle Name Unknown) January 17, 1998 Romania
Andrew Timothy March 24, 1991 Washington
Anthony Jay June 6, 1985 US
Barry Dale November 11, 1984; Died September 19, 2004 (age 19) US
Carlos (Middle Name Unknown) April 10, 2003 US
Christopher Belles August 7, 1978 US
Cristian (Middle Name Unknown) October 29, 1995 New York
Daniel (Middle Name Unknown) January 12, 1999 US
David Shaune July 5, 1998 US
Dylan Elijah August 7, 2000 US
George Oliver February 7, 1995 Romania
Grant Thomas April 5, 1995 US
Ivan Aleksandr May 26, 1992 Russia
James Taylor May 25, 1995 Russia
Jarrod Dillon December 6, 1996 US
Javier James October 31, 1992 US
Jeffrey Noah June 18, 1993 US
Jimmy Eytan February 27, 1988 US
Jonathan Peter September 30, 1985 US
Jordan Michael December 6, 1996 US
Joseph Hunter February 14, 1987 US
Justin Damian January 15, 1996; Died June 27, 2010 (Age 14) US
Kavin Van April 26, 1996 Vietnam
Kyle Braxton March 15, 1978 US
Kyle Christian September 28, 1994 Florida
Marc Xavier December 21, 1997 US
Mathew Denis September 28, 1988 Russia
Max (Middle Name Unknown) May 10, 1992 Russia
Michael Cameron October 23, 1992 Kazakhstan
Nathan Brandon March 11, 1980 US
Nikolai Ian October 19, 1988 Russia
Parker (Middle Name Unknown) October 20, 1996 US
Patrick (Middle Name Unknown) October 10, 1996 US
Paul John February 19, 1994 US
Paul Lawrence April 1, 1998 Idaho
Richard James December 24, 1995 US
Rishi (Middle Name Unknown) October 19, 2000 India
Robert Shaun May 31, 1981 US
Saul Asher May 7, 1995 Mexico
Sergei Liam February 9, 1998 Russia
Shawn Derrick January 8, 2001 US
Val Slater December 17, 1991 Russia
Vasiliy Phillip January 9, 1993 Russia
Viktor Caleb November 28, 1987 Estonia
William Zachary April 12, 1986 US
Yanny (Middle Name Unknown) April 10, 1997 US

Barry Silcock's death[edit]

On Sunday, September 19, 2004, at 2:45 am, Barry Dale Silcock died. He had been in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for 120 days, healing from a surgical wound. He was actually scheduled to be discharged that very day. At 2:15 am, he experienced difficulty breathing. Barry's nurse tried to give him oxygen at an extensive effort, but none prevailed. Barry died at 2:45. His memorial service was held on Monday, September 27 at 11:00 am at Saddleback Community Church.


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