Silent Hunter II

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Silent Hunter II
Silent Hunter II cover.jpg
Developer(s) Aeon Electronic Entertainment
Ultimation Inc.
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) November 6, 2001
Genre(s) Submarine simulator
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Distribution CD-ROM

Silent Hunter II is a WWII U-boat combat simulation from Ubisoft for Windows 95/98/ME. It was originally being developed by Aeon Electronic Entertainment, the developers of Silent Hunter, but they had to leave the project unfinished, and Ultimation Inc. finished it. After considerable delays it was released in November 2001.

Silent Hunter II gives the player the command of a U-boat during the Second Battle of the Atlantic. The game offers single-player and multiplayer missions.

In addition to some separate single-player missions, they also come as a string in the theme of "U-boat highlights", allowing the player to re-experience such well-known adventures as U-47's penetration into Scapa Flow, passing through the Strait of Gibraltar and Operation Drumbeat against American shipping.

German World War II veteran and sub commander Erich Topp was one of the game's technical advisers.[1]

Silent Hunter II was developed with multi-player support as a notable feature. Players were able to connect with other Silent Hunter II players, and engage in sub vs. sub combat; also, connectivity to the separate game Destroyer Command (also released by Ubisoft) was available, which enabled sub and surface ship combat.

After release, instability with the multiplayer feature was found to be commonplace, yet Ubisoft never released an official patch to resolve this issue. An unofficial patch (authorized by Ubisoft) called Projekt Messerwetzer was worked up by fans of[2]

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