Silent Jack

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Silent Jack
Origin Birmingham, England
Genres Heavy metal, Hard rock, Glam metal[citation needed]
Years active 2009–present
Associated acts The Vigil
Members Rich 'Stitch' Mason
Adam Carson
Dickie Spider
Scott Carson

Silent Jack are a British hard rock band formed in Birmingham, England, in 2009. They have been described as 'Ones to Watch' who are 'bringing a dead era back to life'.[1]


Early Years and Hot Luvin' (2009-2012)[edit]

The band formed in 2009 when a fledgling rock band was started by brothers Adam and Scott Carson and some school friends. When their advert for a vocalist was answered by Rich 'Stitch' Mason, they had a full lineup and began to play local gigs around Birmingham and the local area, slowly gaining a reputation and a small following. The lineup would fluctuate over the next couple of years until the arrival of Dickie Spider on bass guitar in October 2011.
The band completed their first tour in January 2012, entitled the "Fake it till you make it 2012 tour".[2]
On 28 September 2012, the band released their debut single "Hot Luvin",[3] which has received mainly positive reviews from the rock and metal press.[4][5]

Snakebite EP (2013)[edit]

Mid 2013 saw the release of two promotional singles, entitled Going Down, and Angels Cry. These were released, free of charge, via the band's website and are currently still available. Both releases had positive reception, Going Down especially,[6] even in Australia,[7] and have been played on various unsigned radio stations, including TBFM Online.
These releases were supported by tours which saw the band play various cities around the UK.[8] The Some Hot Luvin' Going Down Tour was recorded in a series of video diaries which the band released on YouTube.[9]

In July of that year Silent Jack also released a digital only single, entitled Love Factory. The plan was to release various digital singles throughout the year, to ensure a steady output of music, and then follow up with an EP that would have a physical release.
On December 22, 2013 Silent Jack released Snakebite, a seven track EP compiling previously released tracks as well as some new cuts. The title and artwork were based on a tattoo on Scott's arm, featuring a King Cobra (King Cobra being the second track on the EP).

Roxx To Ruin and Debut Album (2014-present)[edit]

In August 2014, Silent Jack confirmed through their Facebook page that they have been in the studio recording material for their as yet untitled debut album, to be released in 2015.


  • Rich 'Stitch' Mason – Vocals, Occasional Guitar
  • Adam Carson – Lead Guitar
  • Richard "Dickie Spider" Bloomer – Bass
  • Scotty Carson – Drums, Backing Vocals



  • Fake It Till You Make It Tour (2012)
  • Some Hot Luvin Going Down Tour (2013)
  • Even Angels Cry Tour (2013)
  • Road To Ruin Tour (2014)


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