Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

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Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2
Silent night deadly night part 2 (VHS cover).jpg
Poster for the film
Directed by Lee Harry
Produced by Lawrence Appelbaum
Screenplay by Lee Harry
Joseph H. Earle
Story by Lee Harry
Joseph H. Earle
Dennis Patterson
Lawrence Appelbaum
Starring Jean Miller
Eric Freeman
Elizabeth Kaitan
James L. Newman
Music by Michael Armstrong
Cinematography Harvey Genkins
Edited by Lee Harry
Silent Night Releasing Corporation
Distributed by Manson International
Virgin Vision
MCEG Productions, Inc.
Release dates
  • April 10, 1987 (1987-04-10) (United States)
Running time
88 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $100,000
Box office $154,323

Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 is a 1987 slasher film written and directed by Lee Harry, and co-written by Joseph H. Earle. It is the sequel to 1984's Silent Night, Deadly Night, and was followed by Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out! in 1989.


The sequel picks up on Christmas Eve some years after the first one, with Ricky Caldwell, the 18-year-old brother of the first film's killer, being held in a mental hospital, awaiting trial for a series of murders he committed. While being interviewed by psychiatrist Dr. Henry Bloom, Ricky tells the story of the murders his brother Billy committed through a series of several flashbacks that use footage from the original film, as well as some new shots inserted in the flashbacks to make Ricky appear in more of Billy's original story.

After this is done, Ricky tells his own story: after Billy's death, he was adopted and given a good upbringing, but his trauma was never treated. After his foster father's death, Ricky seems to lose composure and commits a series of random murders, targeting people who are "naughty". A chance for a happy and normal life seems to materialize when he starts dating Jennifer Statson. However, an unpleasant encounter with Jennifer's ex-boyfriend Chip sends Ricky over the edge. He kills Chip by electrocuting him with jumper cables attached to a red car in front of Jennifer. He then uses the antenna of the car to strangle Jennifer to death. An officer sees this and as Ricky is about to get arrested, he grabs the officer's gun, shoots the officer in the head, and then goes on a shooting spree through a suburban neighborhood. He finally has a stand-off and fails at committing suicide, before being captured by the police.

Cutting back to the present day, Ricky kills Dr. Bloom and escapes from the mental hospital, murdering a Salvation Army Santa before stealing the man's costume. Ricky's plan is to kill the now disfigured, wheelchair-using Mother Superior, whom he blames for Billy's death. After a chase through her house, he succeeds in decapitating Mother Superior. The cops arrive and gun Ricky down. Sister Mary wakes up, sees Mother Superior's severed head, and screams in terror. Ricky, who was shot down, suddenly opens his eyes and smiles evilly, indicating that he survived. The final shot shows someone's arm (dressed in a Santa suit) holding a knife plummeting toward the screen before the scene freezes and the credits roll.


  • Eric Freeman as Richard "Ricky" Caldwell
  • James L. Newman as Doctor Henry Bloom
  • Elizabeth Kaitan as Jennifer Statson
  • Lilyan Chauvin (archive footage) / Jean Miller as Mother Superior
  • Corrine Gelfan as Martha Rosenberg
  • Michael Combatti as Morty Rosenberg
  • Ken Weichert as Chip
  • Ron Moriarty as Detective
  • Frank Novac as Rocco the Loan Shark
  • Randall Boffman as Eddie
  • Joanne White as Paula
  • Lenny Rose as Loser
  • Nadya Wynd as Sister Mary
  • Kenneth McCabe as Rent-A-Cop
  • J. Aubrey Island as Orderly


On the film’s DVD commentary, the filmmakers say they were paid a dismal amount of money to make the film. Originally, they say, they were told to re-edit the first film and pass it off as a sequel. Director Lee Harry said he insisted that a new film be shot, though he did not have the budget to create an entirely new story.

Harry says they tried to find Eric Freeman to participate for the commentary track, but they were unable to locate him at the time.[1]


The film received a limited release theatrically in the United States in 1987. It grossed $154,323 at the box office.[2]

The film was released on VHS in the United States by International Video Entertainment in 1987.[3]

The film was available on the DVD Double Gift Pack on October 7, 2003 from Anchor Bay Entertainment, along with the original Silent Night, Deadly Night, but was discontinued due to copyright problems and is currently out of print.[4]

On December 4, 2012, the film was again released alongside Part 1 as a two-disc "Christmas Survival Double Feature," containing the same archival bonus features as the 2003 release.[5]


Due to the excessive use of footage from the original movie, the film was panned by critics. However, the film does have an audience with slasher fans/horror fans, and has gained a cult following as an unintentional comedy due to Freeman's performance.[6]

During Ricky's suburban shooting rampage, he kills a neighbor that is taking out trash cans, shouting "Garbage day!" before firing on the person. The scene has become an Internet meme due to the seemingly non-sequitur nature of the scene as well as the comedic cheesiness of the line's delivery.[7]


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