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For the company, see Silicon Beach Software.

Silicon Beach is the Westside region of the Los Angeles metropolitan area that is home to over 500 tech startup companies. Major technology companies have opened offices in the region including Google, Yahoo, YouTube, BuzzFeed, AOL, EdgeCast Networks, and MySpace. The region is considered the second- or third-largest tech hub in the world, according to various reports.[1][2]

This has had major impacts on the type and availability of office space and on home prices in Santa Monica, Venice, Playa Vista, and Westchester as these areas have become more desirable due to this influx. [3]


Silicon Beach is also home to a number of start-up incubators and accelerators, such as Launchpad LA, Amplify.LA, Science, and StartEngine.[4] Several world-class universities, such as Caltech, University of Southern California, UCLA, Pepperdine University, Azusa Pacific University, and Loyola Marymount University are situated within the region. In the first six months of 2013, start-ups in Silicon Beach raised over $500 million in funding, and there were 94 new start-ups and 9 acquisitions.[5]


It was first used in the USA in 1984 to refer to the San Diego, California region when the company Silicon Beach Software was formed. The founder, Charlie Jackson, is credited with coining the term Silicon Beach.

The term has also been used in Australia to describe that country's internet technology community, and was first used so on July 27, 2008[6] However, due to a lack of capital, its value is 100 times lesser than that of the Californian Silicon Beach.[7]

List of startups based in Silicon Beach[edit]

Company Year founded Industry
WeMash 2014 Creative Content [8]
RenewU 2014 On-Demand Fitness $5Md[9]
Snapchat 2011 Social Media $3 Billion [10]
Hulu 2007 Television Streaming Services $100M [11]
BQE Software Inc 1996 Business Software [12]
Nasty Gal 2006 $49M [13]
Eventup 2011 $1.8M [14]
BeachMint 2010 $74.7M [15]
Gradient X 2013 $3.75M [16]
Bitium 2012 Cloud Computing
The Honest Company
Frequency 2010 Internet, Mobile Apps
Big Frame
BCG Digital Ventures
WeezLabs 2008 Mobile Application Development
Kuapay 2011 Mobile Payments $16.5M[17]
Dollar Shave Club 2011 Consumer packaged goods $22.8M[18]
The Bouqs Company 2012 Floral $1.1M[19]
Enplug 2012 Software $2.5M[20][21]
The Bouqs 2012 Flowers $6M[22]
Tieks 2008 Footwear, retail
TrueCar 2005 Automotive $1.6 Billion[23]
ConsumerTrack, Inc 2004 Internet Marketing $30M[24][25]


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