Silver Wolf Award

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Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf Award.png
Owner The Scout Association
Founder Lord Robert Baden-Powell
Awarded for Outstanding service to Scouting
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The Silver Wolf is the highest award made by The Scout Association "for services of the most exceptional character." It is an unrestricted gift of the Chief Scout. The award consists of a Silver Wolf suspended from a dark green and yellow neck ribbon.


Since its inception by Robert Baden-Powell, the Silver Wolf has remained the "unrestricted gift of the Chief Scout" although "County Commissioners and overseas Chief Scouts may submit recommendations to Scout Headquarters."

During the early years of the development of the Scout Movement throughout the world, it was the practice of the Founder, Lord Baden-Powell, to give the Silver Wolf to Scouters in any country who had done outstandingly valuable work for the Movement.The Silver Wolf was first awarded to King's Scouts or King's Sea Scouts of at least 2 years service and who earned 12 proficiency badges who performed under exceptional circumstances like saving a life or repeated acts of Bravery, endurance, or self-sacrifice. This Silver Wolf remained a Youth award until 1922 when it became an award for Adult volunteers for Services to Scouting.

The award was of course highly valued, but it began to be realized that the Silver Wolf was a British Scout decoration, even though it was given by the Chief Scout of the World. Accordingly in 1934 the Bronze Wolf Award was created as the only award made by the World Scout Committee.

The Silver Wolf worn by Robert Baden-Powell is handed down the line of his successors.