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Anna Silvia Modig (born July 8, 1976,[1] Helsinki, Finland) is a Finnish-Swedish radio and TV journalist, and the Left Alliance MP and city councillor in Helsinki.

Modig lived in the east of Helsinki as a child. Her television career began at age 18 at Blue workshop the City of Helsinki, after which Modig worked for Yle for Children and Adolescents. Modig's latest television series is YLE Teema's talk show Popkultin.

Silvia Modig is a member of the Board in a Helsinki apartment in the company of young Orange Apartments Ltd. [3]

Modig was elected to the Helsinki City Council by 895 votes in the 2008 municipal elections, an independent candidate on the Left Alliance list. She was also a member of the city planning board and the Uusimaa Regional Council[2] Modig was elected MP for the Left Alliance in the 2011 parliamentary elections. From August 2011, she has served as the first Vice-President of the party parliamentary group.

Modig was in a registered partnership with Rakel Liekki, but they broke up in the autumn of 2011[3] She is a vegetarian.


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