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Family name
Meaning sink
Region of origin North and South Korea
Language(s) of origin Korean
Revised Romanization Sim
McCune–Reischauer Sim

Sim or Shim is a Korean surname. There are six Shim clans in Korea based on six different regions.[1] such as Cheongsong, Pungsan, Samcheok, Buyu, Uiryeong, and Jeonju. The biggest Sim clan is Cheongsong;[1] they comprise about 85% of the all those with the surname Shim. Fourteen percent of all Korean Shims are members of the Pungsan and Samcheok clans. As of 2000, there were 252,255 people with this surname in South Korea, less than 1% of the population[citation needed].

List of famous people[edit]

Clan of Cheongsong[edit]

See also: Bon-gwan

The Cheongsong Shim originated from Cheongsong county in Gyeongsangbukdo. The clan's founding ancestor is General Shim hong-bu. Shim oewn was a Prime Minister of the Korean Joseon Dynasty and was the father of a Queen and father-in-law to King Sejong. He had seven children. Shim was charged with treason to Joseon, which eventually led to his death and the consolidation of royal power.

List of Cheongsong Shim's generation fixed name[edit]

Main generation fixed name[edit]

  • 19th : Ji(0지,0之)
  • 20th : Neung(능0,能0)
  • 21st : Ui(의0,宜0)
  • 22nd : Tak(0택,0澤)
  • 23rd : Sang(상0,相0)
  • 24th : Sub(0섭,0燮)
  • 25th : Jae(재0,載0)
  • 26th : Bo(0보,0輔)
  • 27th : Kyu(규0,揆0)
  • 28th : Yong(0용,0用)
  • 29th : Yeong(영0,寧0)
  • 30th : Ki(0기,0起)
  • 31st : Jang(장0,章0)
  • 32nd : Hu(0후,0厚)

Emblem of Cheongsong Shim[edit]

The Cheongsong Shim clan has an emblem (logo). In the emblem, there are rivers, pines, and the Hanja for Shim. In Korea, rivers and pines signify human longevity. The circle was modeled on the Sun and the Moon, which symbolize that descendants will move forward, succeed, and be worthy of their ancestors.

Genealogical Table[edit]

In 2002, a version of Cheongsong Shim genealogical tables was published as a book. They include 10 volumes of genealogical tables, an index, and an introduction to the history of the Cheongsong Shim clan. According to an officer of the Cheongsong Shim, they will eventually publish genealogical tables in the internet.

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