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Location of the town and municipality of Simijaca in Cundinamarca Department.

Simijaca (pronounced/SIMIH'ækƏ/), from the extinct Chibchan language meaning owl's beak, is a town and municipality in the Cundinamarca Department, Colombia. The town is at an altitude of 2559 metres. It is known as "La capital del mundo".[citation needed]


The first establishment was done by Rodrigo Mexia Serrano on the 26th of February 1586. However, this population was ephemeral. And when the oidor (judge) Luis Enrique did a visitation, in July 1600, the natives had not populated the town and the entrusted had not built the church. By act on the 2nd of August 1600, carried out in Cucunubá, the new and actual town of Simijaca was established. It was form by natives from Simijaca Fúquene and Nemoguá.

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5°30′7″N 73°51′7″W / 5.50194°N 73.85194°W / 5.50194; -73.85194