Simon Lokodo

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Simon Lokodo
Born (1957-10-28) 28 October 1957 (age 57)
Residence Kampala, Uganda
Nationality Ugandan
Ethnicity Karimajong
Citizenship Uganda
Education Bachelor of Theology (B.Theol)
Pontifical Urbaniana University
Rome, Italy
Masters in Bibilical Theology (M.Theol)
Pontifical Urbaniana University, Rome, Italy[citation needed]
Occupation Politician
Years active 2006 — Present
Known for Politics
Title State Minister for Ethics & Integrity in the Office of the President
Religion Excommunicated Roman Catholic

Simon Lokodo is a Ugandan politician. He is the current State Minister for Ethics & Integrity in the Office of the President in the Ugandan Cabinet. He was appointed to that position on 27 May 2011. He replaced Nsaba Buturo, who was dropped from the Cabinet.[1] Prior to that, he served as the State Minister for Industry from February 2009 until May 2011.[2][3] He is also the elected Member of Parliament (MP), representing "Dodoth County", Kaabong District. He was first elected to that position on June 29, 2006.[4]


He was born in Kaabong District on October 28, 1957.[5]


Simon Lokodo holds the degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA), in Theology from the Pontifical Urbaniana University[citation needed]. His Master of Arts (MA) in Theology was also obtained from the University of Rome[citation needed]. Also from the same university, he was awarded the Diploma in Rural Sociology, the Diploma in Social Communication, the Diploma in Philosophy & Social Science and the Certificate in the Italian Language[citation needed]. He obtained his Diploma in Theology from Makerere University, Uganda's oldest university; founded in 1922[citation needed]. Lokodo also holds a Certificate in the German Language obtained from an institution in Austria and a Certificate in the French Language, obtained from an institution in Paris, France[citation needed].

Political career[edit]

Lokodo first entered politics in June 2006, at the age of 49 years, to contest in a special election where the incumbent Member of Parliament had died of natural causes.[6] Prior to that he was the Parish Priest for Kaabong Parish in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kotido. He was ex-communicated from the Catholic Church by Pope Benedict XVI when he joined politics.[7]

He won the special election and went to represent Dodoth County, Kaabong District, in the Ugandan Parliament. Two and half years later, in February 2009, he was appointed to the Cabinet as the Minister of State for Industry & Technology.[8] In the cabinet reshuffle of 27 May 2011, he was relocated to the Ethics & Integrity portfolio.

He is well known for his unequivocal position to fight homosexuality in all forms and recently even raided with the Police, a gay activist workshop where participants were arrested. He immediately blamed foreigners saying "they should go home" and that " He does not support bestiality and lesbianism". Amnesty International condemned the raid. According to the article, he closed down a workshop aimed at Ugandan homosexuals "because it's [homosexuality is] illegal".[9]

In 2014 Stephen Fry interviewed Lokodo in Stephen Fry: Out There where he was quoted as saying " raping girls. Which is natural."[10][11][12]

In February 2014, legislation was passed which enacted a dress code, primarily aimed at women. Clothes that are considered revealing or sexually provocative were to be outlawed; "If you dress in such a way that you irritate the mind and excite the people then you are badly dressed; if you draw the attention of the other person outside there with a malicious purpose of exciting and stimulating him or her into sex," Minister Lokodo stated.[13][14]

Personal life[edit]

Simon Lokodo is single. He reportedly enjoys reading, participating in sports, debating and traveling. He belongs to the National Resistance Movement political party. He is reported to speak and write fluent Karamojong, English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.[15]

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