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Simonds Farsons Cisk plc
Type Public
Industry Beverage
Founded 1928 by Giuseppe Scicluna
Area served Malta
Products Cisk Lager

Simonds Farsons Cisk is a brewery founded in Malta in 1928.


Farsons brewery at Mrieħel

"The Malta Export Brewery" was created when the first privately owned Maltese bank, established in 1840 by Giuseppe Scicluna, took over one of their client's operations in 1928. They were granted a temporary exclusive licence to manufacture lagers and from this take-over were born Malta's first Bavarian inspired beers, the 'Cisk Pilsner' and the 'Cisk Munchener'.

The Malta Export Brewery eventually merged with Simonds Farsons Limited in 1948. This company had itself been formed in 1929 by the merger of the local brewing firm, L. Farrugia & Sons (alias 'Farsons') and the Maltese branch of the Simonds' Brewery based in Reading, Berkshire in the United Kingdom. The new company became Simonds Farsons Cisk Limited.


Simonds Farsons Cisk plc produces the following beers : Cisk (Lager), Cisk Export (Premium Lager), Cisk Pilsner (German style Pils), Cisk XS - Extra Strong Lager, Cisk Excel (a low carb beer), Cisk Chill (a lemon-lime Radler), Hopleaf (Pale Ale), Farsons Strong Ale (English style strong Ale), Farsons Chocolate Stout (a classic stout), Hopleaf Extra (Premium Pale Ale), Blue Label ([Ale]]), Lacto (Milk Stout), Traditional and Lemon & Lime shandies, as well as Carlsberg and Skol under licence. The company also has a "Smooth 'n' Creamy" draught variant of Hopleaf and Blue Label. Cisk Lager, Cisk Export, Cisk Pilsner, Blue Label, Hopleaf Pale Ale, Farsons Strong Ale and Cisk XS - Extra Strong Lager are also available in 20 Litre and 30 Litre kegs for certain markets. The company also produces a variety of still and carbonated soft drinks, table waters and juice drinks.


'Cisk Lager' is a golden-coloured, bottom-fermented lager with an alcohol content of 4.2% . Fruit and malt flavours can be noted. The name "Cisk" originates from Giuseppe Scicluna's nickname "Iċ-Ċisk" or in English, "The cheque". Scicluna was notable for his use of cheques, and due to the unpopularity of the payment method in Malta at that time, some of Scicluna's clients had the habit of referring to him as "Ċisk". The company's first beers featuring the nickname 'Cisk' included the 'Cisk Pilsener' and the 'Cisk Munchener' launched in 1928 and 1929 respectively. Other than the Cisk range of beers, Farsons also produces a variety of ales and stouts including Blue Label (Ale), Hopleaf (Pale-Ale) and Farsons Strong Ale (the latter is mainly for the Italian market) as well as the non-alcoholic citrus based bitter sweet soft drink, Kinnie. In addition to Malta, Kinnie is also produced under licence in Australia.


Farsons is a major franchisee of Burger King, Pizza Hut and KFC in Malta, Italy and other European countries.[1] The company's first Burger King location opened in Malta in 1995,[2] KFC in 1996,[3] and Pizza hut in 1993.[4] It added TGI Fridays to its stable of restaurants in 1999.[5]



  • Kinnie's quality was recognised by the award of the 1975 Epi d'Or de la Qualitè Internationale.
  • Cisk Lager had achieved a similar dual championship recognition during the 1980 Brewex Competition held in the UK when it had been awarded gold medals for both the "Lager" and the "Best Overall" categories.
  • Cisk Lager was awarded top prize in the International Lager Category at the 1995 Australian Beer Awards and was presented with the Pfizer Food Science Trophy for the lager obtaining the highest number of votes in the same competition.
  • Cisk Export was awarded Gold Medal in the European Style Pilsner category of the World Beer Cup 2002 held by the Association of Brewers in the United States.
  • Cisk Export was awarded the Gold Award in the International Section of the 2002 Australian International Beer Awards.
  • Cisk Lager won second placing in the International Lager Competition category, Class 1, of The Brewing Industry International Awards 2005.
  • Cisk Lager was named "World's Best Traditional Lager" by Beers of The World in 2007.
  • Cisk Excel was named "World's Best Low Carb Beer" by Beers of the World in 2007.
  • Cisk Export was awarded a silver medal in the 'International Style Lager' category in the 2012 World Beer Cup.


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