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Simone De Battista (born November 14, 1977) is a Maltese film and theatre actress. She started off her career in the theatre and musical scene since she was very young. Her early theatre performances were held at the MTADA Theatre, Blata l-Bajda. As an actress, she performed many major roles in productions with Atturi Salesjani, Bronk Productions, CurtainRaiser Theatre Troupe, Kumpanija Teatru Rjal and Produzzjoni Teatrali Irtokki.

Simone De Battista


Her acting performances include: La Bottega del Cafe (2002), Wicc ‘imb Wicc (Face to Face) (2002), Divorzju bi Prova (Divorce by Trial) (2003), Ix-Xewwiex minn Nazaret (2004), Il-Hadd fuq il-Bejt (Sunday on the Roof) (2005), Ma’ l-Ahhar Tokki… (2005), Min Qatel lil Ganni? (Who killed Ganni?) (2006), Avukati 247 (2007) and many others.


Amongst her works she appeared on local television, in the popular series Dejjem Tieghek Beckie in 2005/6, Id-Driegh t'Alla in 2005, Santa Monika in 2006, Pupi in 2007, Il-Kristu tal-Kerrejja in 2008 and in Is-Siġill tal-Qrar under the helm of director Ivan De Battista. Morevoer, she worked in F'Salib it-Toroq and recently in Rifless.

Personal life[edit]

Born on 14 November 1977 to Mary and John Mary Fenech, she has a sister an a brother. She married Ivan De Battista in 2000 and they have 2 sons, Ryan Mark and Dylan Luke.