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Original author(s) Maarten Baert
Developer(s) Maarten Baert
Stable release 0.2.2 / 2014-03-03
Operating system Linux
Type Screencasting software
License GNU General Public License

SimpleScreenRecorder is a screencast software made for Linux operating systems.[1]


SimpleScreenRecorder is capable of recording video from full-screen and window-size captures of Opengl applications(and games). It hosts selectable options for the capture such as 'follow the cursor', 'Record the cursor', and is capable of capturing audio as well. SimpleScreenRecorder "encodes" video and audio into many final encoding file container formats. Distinct video and audio encodings are as well customizable.

Comparison to other Screencast software[edit]

When recording openGL applications or games, SimpleScreenRecorder is capable of interjecting a library command upon launch to facilitate proper screen capture. SimpleScreenRecorder does not require a large disk-cache like glc,[2] where glc requires a two-step process in order to create a final and playable multimedia file. ScreenRecorder encodes on the fly while the screen is being recorded, and a multimedia file can be 'saved' after the user clicks on a 'Save the recording' button.

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