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For other uses, see SFTP (disambiguation).

Simple File Transfer Protocol, as defined by RFC 913, was proposed as an (unsecured) file transfer protocol with a level of complexity intermediate between TFTP and FTP.

It was never widely accepted on the Internet, and is now assigned Historic status by the IETF.

It is sometimes confused with SSH file transfer protocol, a secured file transfer protocol, also abbreviated as SFTP.

It runs through port 115, and often receives the initialism of SFTP. It has a command set of 11 commands and support three types of data transmission: ASCII, BINARY and CONTINUOUS. For systems which have "WORD SIZE" which are multiples of 8 bits, the implementation of BINARY and CONTINUOUS is the same.

The protocol supports the following:

  1. User id based login (User-id/Password combination)
  2. Hierarchical folders
  3. File Management (Rename, Delete, Upload, Download, Download with overwrite, Download with append)

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