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Simpson was a manufacturer of household appliances based in Adelaide, Australia.


Simpson was established in 1909. In 1963 they merged with Pope Industries Ltd to form Simpson Pope Holdings Limited. Pope was originally established as Popes Sprinker and Irrigation Company in 1925 and after World War II was also a manufacturer of washing machines. Pope also manufactured air conditioning systems. The company changed its name to Simpson Holdings Limited in 1979. Simpson Holdings was a listed public company. In 1986, Simpson merged with Email Limited, an industrial conglomerate specialising in refrigeration, electric meters and metals distribution. In 1999 the Email conglomerate was taken over and broken up with the appliance business being obtained by Electrolux.

As of 2006 the Simpson manufacturing plant had been closed down but Electrolux was still using the Simpson brand name on some budget-priced products in their range.

The Pope brand is still used for some lines of garden watering and sprinker products.

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