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For other uses, see Simunye (disambiguation).

Simunye (pop:5,633) is a town in eastern Swaziland about 30 kilometres from the border with South Africa. It lies slightly west of the Lubombo Mountains, about 55 north-east of Siteki. The town is geographically only about 22 kilometres north-west of Mhlumeni on the eastern border, but because of the mountain range it is probably nearer 100 kilometres by road detouring southwards through Siteki.


The town is home to the Royal Leopards F.C., ruling football champions of Swaziland.


Simunye is also the name of a short story by Piper Dellums about when her family was supposed to adopt a Swazi girl in the summer of 1976 but she turned out to be white. Piper and Carrie bonded but when Carrie left in January 1977 she vanished because she was working with an Anti-Apartheid act.

"Simunye" (Zulu meaning "We are one") is a volunteer group aiming to bring safe patient handling equipment to South Africa. (see [] )

Coordinates: 26°13′S 31°55′E / 26.217°S 31.917°E / -26.217; 31.917