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Sinéad Lohan is an Irish singer and songwriter of folk music and folk-inspired popular music.

A native of Cork, Lohan first came to prominence thanks to the inclusion of her song "Sailing By" on the second instalment of the hugely successful "A Woman's Heart" collection.

She has released two albums, Who Do You Think I Am in 1995, which scored several radio hits in Ireland, and No Mermaid in 1998, which enjoyed moderate success in Ireland, the U.K., and the U.S.. No Mermaid was released by Interscope Records after a bidding war between several major labels,[1] and included the hugely popular single "Whatever It Takes". Lohan also appears on several anthology albums.

"No Mermaid", the title track of the aforementioned album, was also used in the movie Message in a Bottle and performed by Joan Baez on her 1997 release Gone from Danger, the 2009 reissue of which features a bonus disc containing live performances from 1997 of Baez and Lohan duets on Lohan's "No Mermaid" and "Who Do You Think I Am", and on Bob Dylan's "To Ramona." The Canadian female vocal group Shaye recorded "No Mermaid" on their album The Bridge.

The progressive bluegrass band Nickel Creek covered her song "Out Of The Woods" (also from the album No Mermaid) on their Nickel Creek album (2000).

The song "What Can Never Be" was used in an episode of Dawson's Creek called "Northern Lights".

Since the birth of her second child Amy on 12 January 2001[2] she has not appeared or released a new album, despite her former website saying that she was working on a new album. Her song "You're In My Love" (from her debut album) did appear on the soundtrack to the film Goldfish Memory in 2003. In 2004, Lohan teamed up again with producer Malcolm Burn, who produced No Mermaid. Production of the new album was complete by January 2007, and the album release was scheduled for 2007, but is still awaited according to the discography on Burn's official website.[3]




  • Bee In The Bottle (1995)
  • If I Go (1995)
  • To Ramona (1996, IRE #9)
  • Whatever It Takes (1998, IRE #16)
  • No Mermaid (1998)
  • Whether Or Not (2000)


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