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Sinan Çetin
Born (1953-03-01) March 1, 1953 (age 61)
Bahçesaray, Van Province, Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Education Art history
Alma mater Hacettepe University
Occupation Actor, film director, film producer, publisher
Awards Golden Orange award for Best Director /1985)

Sinan Çetin (born March 1, 1953) is a Turkish actor, film director, and producer.

Çetin was born as the son of a customs officer and studied art history at Hacettepe University. Çetin has produced full-length films and television series, and foremost, commercials. He is best known in the English-speaking world for his 1999 film Propaganda, a critically acclaimed libertarian comedy about post-World War II eastern Turkey. Çetin both directed and produced this film, as he did for many other films. His 1993 film Berlin in Berlin was entered into the 18th Moscow International Film Festival.[1]

He commented at 9th International Turkish Language Olympics on June 21, 2011 about Fethullah Gulen. He said: "First of all I would like to thank someone, who is not here -and I don't know why he is not here- a great thinker, an important religious leader, someone precious and who has a heart made of gold. His name is Fethullah Gulen and I'm honored to say that."

Çetin is a fan of Ayn Rand, and has published Rand's books and other libertarian books in Turkey.

Çetin manages and owns the film production company Plato Film Productions. He opened the company in 1986 and it has been expanding ever since. It is one of the most commercially successful Production Companies of Turkey.

Çetin is currently working on his 13th feature film named "Çanakkale Çocukları". The film is starring actors such as Haluk Bilginer, Oktay Kaynarca, Yavuz Bingöl and Sinan Çetin's two sons Rafael Cemo Çetin and Orfeo Çetin.



  • 1982 - Çiçek Abbas (Director)
  • 1982 - Çirkinler de Sever (Director)
  • 1985 - 14 Numara (Director)
  • 1986 - Prenses Gökyüzü (Director)
  • 1993 - Berlin in Berlin (Director)
  • 1995 - Bay E (Director)
  • 1999 - Propaganda (Director)
  • 2001 - Komser Şekspir (Director)
  • 2002 - Banka (Director)
  • 2004 - Okul (Producer)
  • 2004 - Romantik (Director)
  • 2005 - Pardon (Producer)
  • 2005 - Şans Kapıyı Kırınca (Actor)
  • 2010 - "Kağıt" (Director)

Television series[edit]


  • 1977 - Baskın
  • 1977 - Halı Türküsü


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Preceded by
Atıf Yılmaz
Golden Orange Award for Best Director
for 14 Numara
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Atıf Yılmaz