Sinanju Station

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Sinanju Ch'ŏngnyŏn Station
DPRK rail station.jpg
Korean name
Hangul 신안주청년역
Revised Romanization Sinanju-cheongnyeonyeok
McCune–Reischauer Sinanju-ch'ŏngnyŏnyŏk
Station statistics
Address Anju, South Pyongan province
North Korea
Line(s) P'yŏngŭi Line
Kaech'ŏn Line

Sinanju Station is a satellite railway station for the city of Anju, North Korea. It is located on the P'yŏngŭi Line, which was formed from part of the Gyeongui Line to accommodate the shift of the capital from Seoul to Pyongyang.

Coordinates: 39°36′4″N 125°36′12″E / 39.60111°N 125.60333°E / 39.60111; 125.60333